Sea Products Mussels Ltd

Sea Products Mussels Limited was formed in 2015 specifically to process and market New Zealand Greenshell™ Mussels for export.

A purpose built factory was established adjacent to Sea Products Auckland plant. The factory sorts, de-beards, blanches, opens, snap freezes and packages mussels sourced from Sea Products farms in the Coromandel area.

The mussels are packaged frozen in the halfshell, making them a very easy product for the consumer to store and prepare.

View video of factory here


Mussel Facts:

They filter water (up to 100 liters a day!)
Mussels get food from water.
Easy to feed, Mussels can find 20 million edible tidbits to graze on in just a liter of seawater.
The Ancient Greeks used to eat Mussels as a mild aphrodisiac.

  • Mussel Factory, Sorting Mussels

  • Mussel Factory, Sorting Mussels

  • Mussel Factory, Mussels heading for Blanching

  • Mussel Factory, Quality control prior to opening

  • Mussel Factory, opening mussels

  • Mussel Factory, mussel opening line

  • Mussel Factory, conveyor from opening to freezing

  • Mussel Factory, sorting prior to freezing

  • Mussel Factory, mussels into freezer

  • Mussel Factory, bagging machine (at rear)

  • Mussel Factory, mussels into retail packs

  • Mussel Factory, Storage Freezer